We have available kittens now

 Important For Our New Client
 Pet price - $2.000 to $3,500

Kittens are priced individually based on overall pattern, color, pedigree, parents show history, quality of past kittens by the same parents, etc.

I will on occasion sell a kitten for breeding purposes. Contact me if you are looking for a kitten that includes breeding rights. We welcome breeders but we do not sell breeding rights to the NW region and to breeders who does not show. Kittens with the breeding rights are minimum double the pet fee. 

A lot goes into breeding and raising top quality, well adjusted, healthy kittens.  All of our adult breeding cats are DNA tested for genetic defects.  Every kitten will receive its first vaccinations and bi-monthly parasite control. So every kitten we place has the very best chance of living a long, healthy life with their new families.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten from Annkir scottish fold cattery, fill out the kitten waiting list form by clicking the link                                   Please include gender and color preference if you have one. Also, it would be very nice if you could tell me a little about your self such as where you are located, if you have other pets in the house and if you have ever had a Scottish Fold or Scottish Stright.  

 Your request will be acknowledged

Once I receive your request, I will respond with a few questions, then add you to the waiting list.  I will let you know when the next litter is due.

 Kitten Selection

When the kittens are born and they have been evaluated to make sure they are normal and healthy, you will be contacted when you are next on the list.  You will be sent photos and videos of the kittens so you can make your selection.  If you live in the area, you are welcome to come and see the kittens in person.    


We consider a kitten reserved when you place a $500.00 non-refundable deposit on the kitten of your choice. Please do NOT send us a deposit without speaking to us first. You will be required to fill out an adoption application before hand.

The deposit is non-refundable, because kittens miss out on other homes should you change your mind, or not be able to come up with the final funds. This costs us time and money. The deposit is transferable to another kitten or future litter if need be.


Kittens are to be paid in FULL by 10 weeks of age, and are ready to go to their new homes at 12 weeks of age. 

  Deposits can be sent through Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, cash, check or Money Gram. If your kitten is going to be shipped the payment should be done 7 days prior to the shipping day the latest.

  • THE SECOND way is by placing a $200 non-refundable deposit.
    We prefer to take this deposit when one of our dams is due soon or we have kittens but need to wait more until we make them available (for example when we want to observe the entire litter development to select the right ones for our program. This will hold a place in line to choose the kittens once they are available .



Kittens can travel to their new homes at 12 weeks of age.  If they are being shipped by air travel, then 14 weeks is the minimum age they can be shipped.  If you decide to fly out personally or hire a courier, they can travel at 12 weeks of age

PERSONAL pick-up in Auburn, WA is our best desirable way to make a transition into the new home smooth

BUT this is not always  possible therefore we have a delivery option.
The average fee for in-country CARGO shipping is  $425 and includes the proper crate, water and food bowls, soft pad that smells home :) health certificate and travel arrangements 

Personal in-cabin delivery will be an additional $250-450 to the actual travel costs depending on the travel time

We can also deliver to the SEA airport or to  meet up spot abound Seattle area  at $50-100


  • All kittens have received two vaccinations (FVRCP) by a veterinarian, a vet health booklet will be provided with each kitten.

  • Kittens have been dewormed twice times.

  • TICA registration form

  • Kitten has been microchipped by a vet.

  • Toys 

  • - Sample of Food 

  • - Kitten Contract & Health Guarantee

  • Copies of parents pedigrees available upon request.  Also copies of DNA testing on all parents is available which shows that they are negative for HCM, PKD, Fev/FeLV.

  • PERSONAL pick-up in Auburn, WA is our best desirable way to make a transition into the new home (though we offer a delivery to SEA-TAC airport  and ship our furry babies WORLDWIDE please contact us for a quote 

  • The kittens can go home at the age of 14-15 weeks and can travel CARGO at the age of 4 month

  • Spayed/neuter Kittens. 

Note: If the kitten is being shipped through air travel, the buyer will be responsible for all expenses related to transport.  Including but not limited to: airline ticket, health certificate and carrier.



 New Kitten Buyers Guide 

What to buy your new kitten before bringing them home!





































Arm & Hammer Multi Cat Litter

This is the litter we use for all of our cats and kittens. It is recommended that you purchase this type of litter for your new kitten, at least until they are adjusted to their new home, smells, and the location of the litterboxes in your home. 
My findings are that it is low tracking, and masks the bad smells well!
Litter Box
Arm and hammer multi cat litter.webp

Royal Canin Kitten Kibble

royal canin kitten.webp

Acana Kitten Kibble


In the evening we feed our cats deep-frozen meat: beef or turkey or chicken   

Purina forti flora


This is the type of probiotic that we feed to our cats and kittens 2x a week. It comes in a small pack that can be easily sprinkled onto either kibble or soft food. This keeps their good gut bacteria happy! It is also known to support a healthy immune system.

This can be purchased on amazon.ca or at most vet clinics

A few TALL, carpeted scratching posts
Our cats love to climb HIGH! They love to play on, scratch and snooze on their cat posts. Giving them the opportunity to climb, and scratch on their own things, will help prevent them from scratching your furniture, or climb up your cupboards.
You must teach them at a young age that it is only okay to climb or scratch their own trees and toys. This habit will stick with them for life!
Cardboard Cat Scratchers
These are an inexpensive way to provide your kitty with something to scratch! You can also add spray on, or loose cat nip to attract them to scratch there instead of your furniture.
These will not only give your kitten or cat exercise, and entertainment, but will also help him or her bond to you more closely. It is an activity that you both can enjoy!
SSSCAT Spray Training System
This is the product we use to keep the cats off of our countertops, and away from behind our TV console where there are a lot of cords to chew! It works fantastically, and eventually they get the picture and stop going to the areas that you do not want them to go!
This can be purchased on amazon or most pet stores.
We dont recommend to use furminator!!!
feline fortiflora.webp